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    This book is a self-publishing project.

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  • This book - "Dromenvangers" - is the fruit of cooperation of many women (and some men as well). They have posed for portraits, shared their thoughts, experiences, knowledge and creativity.
    It's a testimony of what happens when we direct our energy to create, develop talents, support and strengthen each other, especially in these difficult times.


    We strive for connection, not for perfection.



    Paulina (photographer at Prosto):

    I have come on my life's way to a place, where sincere, supportive contacts with women give me incredible energy

    and motivation to act. I believe that such a "sisterhood" network, which we create around us, can symbolically (and sometimes literally) protect us,

    just like a dreamcatcher hanging over a bed protects us from bad dreams.


    Danuta aka 3point37 (book designer):

    Women... for women, about women, with women, against women... This is who we are.

    Do you sometimes think “how could she have said that” or “put those clothes on” or “done that” or “not done that”?

    Shame, guilt, gossip, judgement - we do that to other women, to ourselves, instinctively, constantly, don’t we?

    And that’s why this project resonates with me so deeply.

    From Paulina's photos emerges a woman who is not perfect but complete, a beautiful soul and body.

    This is who we are. And we are enough. Let’s embrace and cherish that. And let’s be each others' dreamcatchers.

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    In some Native American and Northwestern cultures, dreamcatchers ("dromenvangers") are hung over a cradle

    as protection. They are made of a willow hoop, on which a net is woven.

    A dreamcatcher may also include sacred items, such as certain feathers or beads...